Andrew Deem

I am a ceramic artist from Tacoma, Wa and a recent graduate from the Ceramics & Glass program at the Royal College of Art, London. My work expands on the traditions and trends of studio pottery and its identity within the modern household. Designed on the potter’s wheel, made in small batches, and glazed, my tableware embodies the handmade process within the integrity of the material. My practice is experimental, inventive, and playful, enabling me to render many  different variations of surface and form.

My current body of work explores qualities of porcelain that are normally discarded by craft and industry while celebrating the object’s practical utility. By faceting, stretching and distorting thrown components, I reveal cracks, tears and  folds, within the abstraction of mark. Glaze is then applied to enhance this texture  by giving it tone and depth. My intention is to make contemporary objects that are  used and enjoyed within the domestic setting.

I am currently showing with The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK